Participate FAQ

Is this program new?

After many years of research and participation in similar programs in education, Senior Center Communications, LLC created this cost-free printed newsletter program especially designed to for senior centers. Our mission for senior centers is simple: Inform and engage members while expanding participation and saving money.


Who can participate in the program?

Currently, our senior center partners have 2,000 or more newsletters mailed each month. In addition, we are working hard to bring our newsletter partnership to smaller centers and explore all delivery models to benefit seniors.


What is required of the Senior Center?

There are 4 simple steps to the program:

1. Sign participation agreement.

2. Provide an address list, to be used for the sole purpose of mailing your newsletter.

3. Provide magazine/newsletter articles, content and photos each month.

4. Provide postage payment.


How much does it cost us to participate?

Senior Centers only pay their current monthly postage cost while Senior Center Communications covers all creative and printing costs.


How do we know what corporate sponsors are including inserts in each packet?

Senior Center Communications ensures that all sponsors are family-friendly partners with appropriate messages directed at seniors.


How can we participate?

Simply contact Senior Center Communications, LLC and we will introduce ourselves and walk you through the program. We will provide you with samples for review, an agreement form, and guideline sheet to help explain the process.


Can I view the newsletter online?

The Cities pages have a Current Issue for each Senior Living Magazine and Center2Senior publication. This is available to anyone with internet access.


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