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We invite editorial contribution to our magazines!


Our goal is to make Senior Living Magazines the best community publication possible. To uphold our commitment to be relevant to local residents, we invite submission of stories and articles of interest from the community we serve.


Do you want to be involved? Do you have a story, great photos, community event happening, interesting hobbies, or local history that you would like to share? Do you want to write an article to raise awareness of upcoming events or community projects coming up in the next 30-60 days?


Magazines are published monthly and are printed “FREE” to the community.  Issues are mailed out by the Community Senior Center and are also distributed to local high readership distribution outlets such as physicians’ waiting areas, retail locations, restaurants, the chamber of commerce, libraries, and more. We have 4 unique magazines in the area: Northborough, Framingham, Marlborough and Worcester.


If you or someone you know might be interested in contributing to the community magazine/s, please let us know.


There is no remuneration: submissions must be voluntary and articles are selected based on their appeal and relevance to the community. Submission is not a guarantee of publication.



Senior Spotlight / Unsung Hero Story Segment


Senior Living Magazines is an innovative, community inspired publication that becomes increasingly more interesting and relevant because of rich local content and unique “only found here” articles and stories.


We want to hear your story! Each person has a unique story that members of your family and your community would love to hear.


Seldom in life do folks ever have a chance to share their incredible life story, personal accomplishments, individual successes, inventions, and overall life lessons. Please take this opportunity to tell your story.


If you prefer, you can also tell the story of an unsung hero in your community or you can tell a story about a prominent or colorful local citizen from years past.


If you are interesting in submitting, we are excited to talk with you. Please give Tom Keller a call at 954-644-9651 or email




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