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Our publications are designed to offer readers interesting and useful information ranging from local healthcare news, happenings at the Marlborough Senior Center, and the latest in local, highly relevant information and special interest articles. Here are some great ideas for editorial content that local readers will love to read about!


Health and Nutrition

• Understanding the nutrition from foods

• Managing your cholesterol without

prescription medication

• Controlling Diabetes with diet and exercise

• How to improve your digestive system

• Exercise program for senior and the movement impaired


Investing AND Wealth Management

• Top 10 questions to ask your potential wealth manager

• Keeping your “nest egg secure” and growing moderately

• Are you prepared for the future? Do you have

your affairs organized?

• How to find a reputable financial professional?

• Tips on managing your finances



• Delicious simple recipes from basic ingredients

• Health snack receipts

• “Recipes of the Month”

• Foods for improved nutrition

• Tasty, easy recipes for multiple meals



• Understanding your blood pressure numbers

• 10 myths on medication

• Five facts about glaucoma, cataracts

• What you should always bring to the office

• Eating to live: 10 musts to better yourself


• 10 tips to shop on a budget

• Five best gifts for grandchildren and

great grandchildren

• What mobile phone is easiest to operate

• Newest kitchen gadgets for 2014

• How to buy online and keep your identify safe



• Tips on hiring a cleaning service

• How to evaluate a cleaning service

• Tricks to keep your stainless steel, glass, mirrors

and porcelain shining like new

• How to keep appliances in top working order

• What is the best way to keep your windows

squeaky clean?



• How to choose a lawyer: Tips and guidelines

• Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on your will

• Get it in writing: The Top 10 items

• What are your rights as a tenant?

• Tax season; 10 tips to keep the IRS a friend


Car Dealership

• Top 10 car buying hints for 2014

• Winter auto maintenance checklist

• Finding a reputable and honest repair center

• When is the time to repair or trade?

• Top vehicles for 2014

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